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What is BioTE hormone pellet therapy?

We have teamed up with BioTE™ to offer an alternative and efficient form of hormone therapy.

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Do you need answers about your struggles with weight loss?

Medical Weight Loss has the programs and coaching you need to get the answers you deserve and improve your health.

Our Unique Approach

Make the Impossible Possible.

Whether you have insulin resistance, PCOS, or other conditions that hinder progress, we can help you lose weight and be your best self.

Lose Weight with PCOS

Would you like to feel the way you did in your late 20’s?

It is possible with hormone replacement. We can transform your body and symptoms to bring that vibrant energy back into your life.

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I'm Tiffini Christensen

Director of the Medical Weight Loss and Hormone Clinic of Utah. I have been studying the underlying biological causes of weight gain and numerous health conditions for over 10 years.

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"When you walk through the doors, you not only feel safe, but you feel like it's a place where people understand. They'll be there every single step of the way, to make sure that you succeed to meet your goals." -Debbie H.
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Understanding the
nature of the condition

PCOS is a weight gaining condition that can manifest in numerous ways. As such, the females who experience this condition almost never have the same combination.

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Learn the three different types
of low thyroid conditions

The thyroid is the master gland in the body. It has significant impact on weight gain in both men & women as well as their; immune system, infertility, motivation and other important aspects of everyday life.

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Three Bio-Identical

Where do these natural
hormones come from?

Science is creating a new paradigm of preventative medicine by allowing our bodies to remain strong, healthy and vigorous.

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How Can I Lose Weight With PCOS?

Medical Weight Loss & HRT clinic is an organization that is dedicated to pinpointing the physiological causes of weight gain and treating these conditions to allow clients to subsequently meet their weight loss goals. For a large percentage of females, Plycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS is to blame for the struggles they experience when trying to lose excess pounds.

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This Is How A Physiological Approach Changes Patient Care

A “One size fits all” approach is not the best course of action for weight loss. At times, underlying conditions that do not get found through standard blood tests or other conventional measures are causing someone to struggle with weight loss. So, when that occurs, it’s advantageous to embrace a physiological approach and see what it offers you...

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